WP Hide & Security Enhancer Pro Nulled

WP Hide Pro – WordPress Hide and increase Security. A huge improvement over Site Security since hackers web scanners will not find any WordPress trace on your site. Over 99,99% of sites hacks are focused attacks on specific plugins and themes vulnerabilities. Since no WordPress plugins and themes are found anymore, no hack occur even if site using exploitable code.

Demo WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • No files and directories changes!
    No files and directories are being changed on your server, everything is processed virtually! The plugin algorithm use URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters to apply all functionality and features.
  • 100% compatible with other Plugins & Themes
    Well designed code to ensure full compatibility with all themes and plugins. Once plugin activated, the site will continue to work the same as before.
  • WordPress MultiSite Compatible
    PRO FEATURE: Support MultiSite environment. Can be set to work per site set-up ( individual settings to each site in the network ) or globally ( superadmin settings )
  • Theme Masking
    Hide all references to the theme or child theme to prevent display of theme name, version, author etc. No one will know it’s a WordPress theme.
  • Compatible with any host / server
    Tested and 100% compatible with different hosting server configuration basted on Linux and Windows operating system.
  • Nginx Compatible
    PRO FEATURE: Full Nginx support, LEMP stack. Advanced rewrite queries engine included, which provide the most efficient and light rewrite data.
  • Custom login URL
    All sites receive hits on login page, by boots trying to brute force. This require a high processing CPU power due to number of attempts, which conclude to a dramatic site speed decrease and response time. Blocking default login URL, boots hit just a cached 404 error page, so no resource is being used at all.
  • HTML clean-up
    Clean up HTML comments produced by plugins and theme, WordPress core auto-generated classes as page-template-x, format-x, wp-image-x, etc for body, post, images etc
  • Individual Plugin URL customization
    Change Plugins Folder path and individual plugins with the option to block all the defaults.
  • Change WP Ajax calls
    PRO FEATURE: Change the default use of admin-ajax.php and block the default.

Download WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin free download, try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.

Download WP Hide Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Hide & Security Enhancer Pro Nulled